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women's museum

The museum is located inside the gallery building and is growing and developing continuously. So far the collection comprises the sections music instruments, cooking utensils, clothing, dowry, circumcision and jewellery.

To show that history and culture are integral parts of the arts as much as the arts are an integral part of African culture and African daily life, Isha’s artwork is displayed together with and admits the historical objects. This way the art and the historical artefacts can correspond and interact with each other.

The visitors can stroll through the museum on their own or get a tour by Isha or one of the gallery teachers. On the tour through the museum, you will hear many fascinating stories such as the secret behind Gambian slips, how to make nicely decorated pumpkin bowls and why a gown of Isha’s grandmother is on display.

Women are the core of Gambian society. This museum is made to honour the African woman and to pass on her story to future generations.

Mama Africa is part of the Women’s Museum network and is a non-profit cultural institution.